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Dowsing and the Philosophy of Science

Dowsing and the Philosophy of Science Andrew Edgar I’d like to start by giving a brief introduction to the philosophy of science.   It’s The Philosophy of Science, version 101, with some added dowsing and a bit of ley theory, which will help to illustrate some of the points it raises.   One of the few academics to actually talk about dowsing is the German philosopher, George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, who died in 1831.   My wife and I went to his former house in Stuttgart.   We received a rather surprised look from the receptionist at his house, as to why two people from England would want to actually visit Hegel’s house, but I found it really exciting - I’m a fan of his!   In 1830 Hegel wrote that ‘ . . .this immediate knowing . . . is manifest in, so called, metal or water diviners.   These are persons who, when fully awake and without using the sense of sight, perceive metal or water existing underneath the ground.    The not infrequent appearances of such persons cannot

Dowsing Virtual Reality

Dowsing virtual worlds Andrew Edgar (Cardiff and District Dowsers) The following is an account of a dowsing experiment that I recently conducted.   The experiment was an attempt to see if dowsing for earth currents would have any significant results in a virtual environment.   ‘Virtual reality’ is here a computer generated simulation of a real or imagined world.   My hypothesis was that at least in an environment that was built and lived in by human users, there may be currents akin either to those found between physical objects in the real world, or to those that have been created through human intention and emotion.   If such currents were found to exist, this would have implications for our understanding of the nature of such currents in real life, and indeed for our understanding of what reality must be like, if earth currents are a substantial feature within it.   I believe that, in this initial investigation, I have begun to find significant results.   I would encoura

Dowsing Wells

Forgotten Holy Wells in Cardiff and South Wales Cardiff Dowsers Group have been dowsing the area of Cardiff since 2013 now, and we have a particular interest in the holy sites in South Wales. We are very concerned with the fate and condition of Holy Wells in the Cardiff and Glamorgan area and dowsed them between May and September 2016. These Wells are ancient features which bring a very positive atmosphere and ambience to the surrounding areas, as well as being outstanding historic heritage features. What could be more magical then crystal clear unpolluted water constantly pumping from the depth of the Earth? However we have come to believe that they need protection.   Many are in danger of disappearing within a generation, due for example to building developments.   Francis Jones i essential book on Holy Wells (The Holy Wells of Wales ), first published in 1954, explores the well-cult in medieval and post-medieval Wales and beliefs and rituals connected with wells. There a